Self Portraits

Self portrait painting echoing multiverse we trust science yelling at demon with Trump hair
PMS self portrait painting

PMS. Hysterical women. Emotionally unstable. And yet, the vast majority of violent crime is committed by men. Thank you, PMS? Monthly rage = excellent anger management skills?

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Becoming the Crone

On Suppressed History Archives the other day, I saw an artifact from the ancient Arabian city of Tayma, an old woman Goddess with sagging breasts and visible ribs. Immediately, I felt connected to her. The ribs in my upper chest are disturbingly visible lately. I am becoming the Crone. Found outside the main temple of Tayma, the artifact, pictured in the lower left likely represents Manat, ruler of death and fate, the Crone aspect of her triple Goddess family along with al Uzza, the maiden, and Al-Lat, the mother. I'm totally okay with becoming the Crone. She possesses the knowledge and knowledge is power.

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