Meet the Artist


I explore stories, history (and herstory), and beliefs through art.

I was born in a cold, snowy mining town in the middle of nowhere. I currently paint in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

In middle school, my art teacher thought I was the worst. I didn't take another art class until a summer semester in college. That teacher agreed. But I like art. While homeschooling with my daughter, we made a lot of art together. When everything closed in 2020, we started painting with an interactive Facebook show hosted by Landis Expandis (insert heart emojis here). When he ended the show, I decided to keep painting.

A goddess art challenge in December 2020 started me down my current path of exploring the intersections between womanhood, mythology, and current events in my paintings.

I believe in learning by doing. Everyone is an artist if they choose to be.

Echoing Multiverse

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